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Office Director

Office Director is an automated phone answering service that will connect incoming calls with office staff, regardless of their location. Able to direct incoming calls to an office extension, cell phone, home phone and more, this powerful solution means you and your staff can work from anywhere and still be fully accessible to your callers through your office phone number.

Office Director Features:

  • Office Director gives you full voice mail capabilities, is easier to use than conventional voice mail, and less expensive.
  • Office Director answers callers and will transfer incoming call to intended staff members, even if they are working remotely. Calls can be transferred to a home, cell, or voicemail number – anywhere!
  • Office Director features “Find me”, which will reach staff members at multiple numbers in whatever order you specify.
  • If caller cannot be connected, the system will direct caller to the appropriate voicemail box.
  • Callers can access staff by extension or by the staff member’s name.
  • The Office Director system also offers a general voicemail box for callers.
  • Messages can be delivered by e-mail (with an attached.wav file) or by calling the staff member on an alternate line.
  • Office Director also features caller id, call screening and record-a-call.
  • The system is completely flexible – add or change up to ten mailboxes.
  • No new equipment is required – nothing to break or maintain.

Office Director is Ideally Suited for:

  • Businesses without a telephone system.
  • Businesses with an older telephone system.
  • Companies with more than one location.
  • Companies with personnel that work outside of the office.
  • Small business owners that are frequently working out of the office, but want to be fully accessible to callers.

Office Director Pricing:

  • Office Director is only $39.95 per month.

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