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Voice Mail Solutions

US Voice offers user-friendly telephone answering with features like voice mail, auto attendant, and fax service. Not only can be as basic or sophisticated as you like, but you can use it to enhance your current phone or set up a stand-alone service with its own number.

Below are some of the many ways that US Voice’s voice mail service can work for you.

Business Voice Messaging:

Make our voice mail service work with your current telephone lines. Business Voice Mail can work with other professional call handling solutions to transfer callers to the right department, a specific announcement, or Personal Voice Mailbox.

Personal Private Voice Mail Number:

Give everyone on your staff his/her private personal number voice mailbox. Integrate this service with your office phone line so you can transfer callers to a personal mailbox. You can send and receive messages between mailboxes and broadcast messages to other subscribers on your voice mail service.

In-Direct-Call Service:

Protect your private cell phone by allowing callers to hear your announcement and be given a choice before automatically connecting to you. This is ideal for independent professionals such as consultants, therapists, independent agents, and private practitioners.


Need a centralized number to serve many locations? Or need to transfer callers to a LIVE operator or corporate message center? No problem – with Auto-Attendant you can screen calls for routine requests or transfer customers to live service representatives for urgent requests.

US Voice PRO Telephone Answering Services

Every call is always answered on the 1st ring and callers are never put on hold. Provide callers with the choices you decide are important, be it:

  • Emergency services
  • First time caller information
  • Patching the call through to an agent
  • Or just take a general message and emailing it to you.

And yes, it never forgets to page or call you for emergencies.


One-Call-Connect is like your personal assistant. This service provides effective communication solution to mobile professionals who need a single point of contact for their personal communications. One-call-Connect can transfer callers to wherever you are, such as cell phone, office, home office or voice mail.

Personnel Directories:

Tired of sorting through everyone’s message in the “Office Mailbox”? Then set up a “Voice Tree” feature on your main number, so callers can route calls themselves to the right department, person, voice mailbox or directly to a live agent. You can even set up a “Dial by Name” or an extension directory of employees.

Fax Mail:

US Voice Fax Mail is like voice mail for images. Your voice mailbox can also receive fax messages. And you can retrieve your faxes at your office, home or any remote location by via a personal web interface. Fax mail lets you receive a fax when you’re ready to read it for confidentiality and convenience. And faxes are saved in PDF format for easy viewing.

Timed Menus:

Your greeting and choices change automatically based on the time of day, so your callers know whether you are open or closed and what type of response they can expect.

Never Busy Line:

Tells your clients you are in the office helping someone else. And as soon as you are off the phone, their message is automatically delivered to you.

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